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Where Learning Begins!

PURPLEGATE Nursery and Primary School is an instructional space where primary education is made easy. In less than two decades, the school has kept its promise of making learning pleasurable, inviting, interactive and competitive. It is a one-stop shop with a mission for quality education.

At PURPLEGATE, all the tools necessary to stay on top of the ever-changing world of learning and instruction are present. The school is also aware that in a developing country where education remains the only key to the future, children must be encouraged to excel. So, PURPLEGATE is pushing the limits on how best to prepare primary school children today for tomorrow. This is an essential part of its vision and mission. 

This unique institution stands tall among its peers at number 2, Gboyega Kilo Street, Ojudu Berger, Lagos. This is the location of PURPLEGATE Nursery and Primary School. It is place where the educational experience of a child is possible and rewarding. Here, teachers and instructors provide the necessary support for pupils to develop confidence, abilities and life skills for the future. 

Over the years, the school has also transformed its learning environment by hiring the best teaching hands and the latest technology. This is closely followed with higher learning ideals and instruction models from the best of traditions. But PURPLEGATE is not only creating a culture of excellence, it also inspiring pupils to aim for the skies. 

So far, the investments, both in academic and physical assets, are paying off handsomely. This is with the help of conscientious teachers and administrators who are grooming future champions and changing the world from their small corner. And the children are already bringing honour, not only to their parents but also to the school and its management. Today, former pupils of PURPLEGATE are in Nigeria’s major International Schools. This is in addition to the school’s presence as strong participants in the highly rated Annual National Mathematics Competition.   

Credit for this center of excellent learning and all the exploits, go to Mrs. Bola Bamishigbin for her vision of an all-round system that caters for a child’s needs beyond the classroom. 

A former stockbroker, Bamishigbin remains a truly innovative school proprietor who drives her dream with a talented, motivated and self-driven team. She is not only keeping herself informed about new trends and technology in education, she is also creating the most innovative and creative learning environment across all the classrooms. For her, that is the real deal. 

But like every lover of children and education, she believes there is still room for improvement. So, her doors are wide open to people, ideas and innovation. 

“We are happy with what we are doing here. Our primary objective is to groom and nurture well-rounded children who can compete anywhere in the world. We are Montessori in action and we are conscious of measuring our learning outcomes with international standards”, she says. 

PURPLEGATE also delights in the school’s ability to take off the burden of child care from active working mothers in Lagos. This is critical in a cosmopolitan environment where every penny counts for the family. 

Another awe-inspiring activity is the school’s participatory approach to culture. At PURPLEGATE, cultural values are taken very seriously, and this is creating awareness and building bridges across ethnic groups. It is also engendering national integration in many ways. On cultural days, which are very special moments in the school’s calendar, children are encouraged to dress Nigeria, cook Nigeria’s dishes and also act Nigeria. 

Indeed, learning takes a whole new meaning at PURPLEGATE. Periodically, the school also invites celebrities and guest speakers to enlighten pupils, challenge their thinking and expand their world view. Naturally, with every guest lecturer or a movie star as the case may be, children learn new things. This opportunity also offers new perspectives on academic, social, cultural and even political issues. Such sessions, in addition, bring the pupils favourite actors and actresses at touching distance and this is helpful to them. 

Without doubt, this is a place where children earn knowledge and acquire necessary skills for life’s journey ahead. Certainly, learning begins her…join us!




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